No matter whatever your goal is, building a web site to increase sales, sharing internal information through an Intranet, business process reengineering, or creating a data repository for business analyses, our service approach remains the same. This approach will allow us to create a system that truly addresses your needs. It will take you through a step-by-step process that emphasizes your involvement and your feedback.

1. Phase One: Discovery and Planning

The first step is to explore your business problems or opportunity and identify the most effective solution. Specific objectives will be outlined and project scopes and target delivery dates will be determined. Subsequent meetings will be set up with users to assess their requirements. A feasibility study can be conducted to determine the cost effectiveness of the solution. In addition, a detailed project plan with specific milestones will be developed.

2. Phase Two: Feedback
At this stage, a prototype will be quickly developed by translating user requirements into a visual design. At the client's requests, multiple design variations can be produced for evaluation. The iterative process of review and modifications will continue until the prototype is refined into a working model. The goal of this step is to produce a system that users really need.

3. Phase Three: Development
The prototype and functional specifications will be used as the blueprint of the new system. For web sites, graphic components will be converted into HTML codes and system functionality will be added. If needed, a database will be created and populated. At the end of this phase, we will conduct quality assurance to ensure satisfactory implementation.

4. Phase Four: Deployment
Once approved, the system will be rolled out into operation. We will work with the client to ensure a smooth and reliable conversion from the existing system to the new system. At this stage, we will also provide the users with training and documentation. For web sites, the client can request web marketing service after the deployment. Virtualab can provide assistance in search engine submission, banner exchange, newsletter management, and etc.

5. Phase Five: Growth
During this final stage, we will continue to monitor your system or web site to ensure its trouble-free, efficient operation. Upon the client's requests, Virtualab can provide additional services in web hosting, system maintenance, technical support, and upgrade assistance.

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